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The Journal

Recherches en danse, the review of l'acd

L’aCD’s aim is to foster exchange and encounters within the dance research domain. The digital review wishes to fill a specific void in the international field of francophone publications.

By making public a variety of work, the review has as a principal objective to show different modes of reflection and forms of expression in dance research. The review favors the meeting of different types of knowledge and points of view from historical, analytical, aesthetic, artistic, and anthropological fields... to cite only a few.

Recherches en danse welcomes academic texts but also accepts accounts from artists and other dance professionals, interviews and dialogue between researchers and/or artists, recensions and book reviews, summaries of colloquiums and conferences, and French translations of articles published in other languages. These articles of different natures and formats are what constitute the permanent call for contributions.  We also propose thematic editions, giving place to specific calls for publication.

Recherches en danse is published online with open access here: http//

Comprised of a collective of researchers in dance who are members of l’aCD, the review team consists of a permanent scientific editorial board, a proofreading committee, and an international committee.

The Different Sections of the Review

Thematic file

The thematic section offers a selection of articles tied to the theme proposed in the call for contributions.

Edition 1, Être chercheur en danse (edition coordinated by the scientific editorial board of l’aCD)
Edition 2, L’interprète en danse, savoirs et métier (under the direction of Julie Perrin and Joëlle Vellet, with the scientific editorial board)
Edition 3, Perspectives genrées sur les femmes dans l’histoire de la danse (under the direction of Hélène Marquié and Marina Nordera, with the scientific editorial board)

The editions in preparation:

Edition 4 « Danse(s) et politique(s) » (under the direction of Patrick Germain-Thomas and Laure Guilbert, with the scientific editorial board)
Edition 5 « La recherche en danse entre France et Italie : approches, méthodes et objets » (spring-summer 2016).

Research as it happens

Section cordinated by Federica Fratagnoli, Philippe Guisgand and Sylviane Pagès.
The texts are published throughout the year and are repartitioned under the permanent call for contributions under the following sections:

"Current research" section

Can contain recensions and reviews of books on dance and other connected fields. Can also have summaries of colloquiums and conferences that you have attended.

"Focus" section

The author will suggest a certain focus on his research, highlighting a theoretical point that he has encountered and wants to put up for debate... The author can also offer texts analyzing a pedagogical (analysis of a workshop), artistic (analysis of a creative process...), or aesthetic (performance critique) experience.

 "Interviews" section

Contains interviews with artists and researchers.

"Translations" section

This section gives original French translations of foreign language texts that seem important to share with the dance and research community.

"Rebound" section

This section prolongs questions brought up by a thematic file published in a previous edition by allowing one to go back and respond to articles previously published in the review Recherches en danse.