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aCD (Association for Research in Dance)


Founded at the end of 2007, the association of Researchers in Dance (Law of 1901) encourages all forms of research in dance in all fields of knowledge. The association gives visibility to a large range of specialties and approaches through a dynamic exchange of ideas, methods, discourse and practices in dance.

As an artistic, cultural, or social practice, dance and its specific expressions open onto a vast field of research. In France this field is barely represented, whether it is in research and university institutions or publication circuits. This situation is concerning in view of the European and international context that has known considerable development for several years thanks to an impulse from institutions as well as from important and recognized associations. Conscious of the fragility of the situation in France and wishing to place research in dance within an international dimension, in December 2007 a group of researchers created an entity that brings them together, favoring open exchange around a variety of projects. Today, the adherents of l’aCD are academics, French and foreign researchers, artists, movement analysts, critics, and people implicated in the world of associations. Everyone sees dance through different prisms and witness in this way to the diversity of research in dance, whether it is through history, anthropology, sociology, aesthetics, performing arts, cognitive sciences, science of movement, or didactics... just to name a few.